About Christopher

Christopher Arlen is unapologetically optimistic — he believes in people and what we can accomplish when we come together in good faith around a shared vision or goal. For nearly 30 years, he has worked in the nonprofit and government sectors to push the boundaries of possibility, creating innovative programs and novel approaches to addressing risk-taking behaviors and negative outcomes for diverse populations. He has conceptualized, developed and implemented successful initiatives for the National Task Force on AIDS Prevention, the National Black Lesbian & Gay Leadership Forum, San Francisco’s renown Glide Memorial Church, the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation and a host of others.

Drawing on this vast experience, Christopher works to foster positive relational dynamics in increasingly diverse workplaces. As principal consultant for The Soft Skills Company, he has developed facilitation, leadership and communication trainings for the US Department of Energy, the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Colorado Statewide Independent Living Council. He is a certified mediator, a community minister and most recently a candidate for Lakewood City Council.

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"Christopher's many gifts include heartfelt compassion, a fierce intellect, and an unwavering dedication to truth-telling."

Lakewood Neighbors for an Inclusive Community

Running for Lakewood City Council was among the highest honors of my life. I met so many people of good will who really love all that Lakewood stands for. Some on different sides of many issues. I still believe that we don't have to agree on everything to be good neighbors to one another. Lakewood Neighbors for an Inclusive Community celebrates the diversity within our community by creating spaces to explore and discover together what it means to live in and contribute to the building of an inclusive community. I look forward to sharing more about this vision with you in the near future.

Welcome. We are building an inclusive community.

I've been asked to help advocate for the return of the inclusive community signs throughout Lakewood. I've been outspoken about how I valued those signs long before we moved to Lakewood. I will be working with city leaders to explore how we can make this possible while creating opportunities for us to consider what it means to build an inclusive community and how we, as a community, might step more fully into inclusion while exploring all that it entails.